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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, January 11, 2016

Meeting Captain Thord on the Disney Fantasy

On a Disney ship, the Captain, as well as other ship's officers, is visible to guests.  We had the opportunity to meet Captain Thord, of the Disney Fantasy, three times during our most recent cruise.

The first time was during the Castaway Club reception held on the first sea day in The Tube on Deck 4 aft.  Captain Thord told us about how he has been with Disney Cruise Lines since the very beginning and the inception of the Castaway Club which was due to guests' requests.

The second time we met Captain Thord was later that same day at the Captain's Gala in the Lobby Atrium.  While it was amazing to meet him again, somehow my eyes were closed in the photo and a second one wasn't taken.  I do recommend that guests take advantage of this opportunity to meet and get photographed with the Captain.

The third time was during the Captain's signing event held at White Caps, one of the shops, during the last sea day.  The time and location was listed in the Personal Navigator.  We had purchased two David Doss prints at the Vista Gallery earlier in the cruise and brought them both for him to sign.  Other options for signing include post cards, ornaments, or ship figurines.

We've been fortunate to meet ship's Captains on previous cruises.  Click here to read about meeting Captain Marco on the Disney Fantasy.

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