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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Disney Cruise Line's AquaDuck--Now With Pictures!

Disney Cruise Line is famous for it's family activities, first rate entertainment, and stretching the limits of what can be available on a cruise ship by creating the first ever water coaster at sea--the AquaDuck!   The tubed ride features a clear loop over the side of the ship, two dips and blasts forward, goes through both funnels, and encircles Deck 12.  We have ridden the AquaDuck on the two ships that feature the attraction, the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy.

Not familiar with the AquaDuck--click here.

On our most recent cruise on board the Disney Fantasy, we discovered that there is now an option to capture a photo of your ride!  The photo is taken by a camera on the second dip and guests riding will see a flash of light.

When guests climb the stairs and then load the AquaDuck, they will see a screen to the left that has information about photos and most likely the screen will say that the photos are disabled.  What we discovered was that there was previously an option to scan your Key to the World Card at this screen/kiosk and the photo would then load into your Shutter's account based on your stateroom.  This option has since been disabled.  Probably not many folks have their Key to the World Card handy when getting ready to ride.

So, how does one get their AquaDuck photo?  Well, we learned that the previous days photos are "loaded" into the system at 11:00 am the next day.  Guests can then go to a Shutter's kiosk--located in the Shutter's Studio between the Vista Gallery and the hallway on Deck 4 or at one of the kiosks located just outside Enchanted Garden on Deck 2.  Then, scan you Key to the World Card and go to the "Find Photo" option.  Choose the day and then select "On Board" and the "AquaDuck" will appear as an option.  You can then scroll through the photos to find yours.  Keep your eyes peeled or have your glasses as the photos on the screen have a strike through so guests don't photograph them with a phone or camera.

Once you find your photos, tap the photo and add it to your account.  A Shutter's manager will then electronically verify that it is you and add the photos to your account.  This last step is invisible to the guests so need find Shutter's personnel.

It sound like a lot of work and a lot of steps, but it was easy. 

I lost my visor on this ride, but it eventually came down and I got it back.
Let's say you rode the AquaDuck on Sunday.  By Monday at 11:00 am, those photos would be available to scroll through and find to add to your account.  If you don't see them in your Shutter's account via kiosk by later that evening, seek assistance.  

We also learned that the camera is disabled on embarkation day.  While this day is the best day to ride the AquaDuck due to shorter lines, just know that photos won't be taken.

Have fun and smile for the camera!

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  1. This looks like so much fun. I'm going to make it a priority to ride the AquaDuck at least once when we cruise next year. I've read that doing it as soon as you can is a good idea, and now I see that doing it on the last day is also a good idea. Thanks!