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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Personal Navigator--That First One Is Very Important!

You've arrived at Port Canaveral and are in awe of the port.  You can see the Mickey ears just ahead of you, you've checked in and taken the security photo, completed the health form, and are waiting for your group boarding number to be called so that you can step onto that magical Disney ship.  Then, Disney characters begin to arrive! You are trying to keep track of your stuff and your people.  It feels exciting, magical, even overwhelming!  We know, we've been there.  But for your sake and the sake of your vacation, please take a moment and read over the very first Personal Navigator you were given upon check in. 

Why?  Well, because there is important information inside those four glossy pages.  In addition to character schedules, dining times, and drink of the day, there's news about upcoming events during your cruise.

Want to meet the elusive Anna and Elsa?  The Personal Navigator has information on how to obtain a ticket.  Does your darling have their heart set on interacting with Disney Princesses?  If so, that very first Navigator tells parents where to pick up a ticket to meet four Disney Princesses.  And, while we didn't take advantage, there is also a ticket for a special character breakfast featuring Jake from the Neverland Pirates.  Our Navigator indicated that tickets needed to be obtained at the Port Adventures Desk on Deck 5.  That was our first stop after we boarded the ship.

When we presented our ticket for the Princess Gathering, the Cast Members taking and checking our tickets had to fend off other families attempting to get in line.  They were directed to get tickets for further events.  I asked the Cast Member why he had to keep repeating that information as it was in the Navigator.  He thanked me for reading the Navigator and told me that we were now his "favorite family."  Note that throughout the cruise the location to obtain tickets for events changes.  Contact Guest Services if you are not sure.
Ask the husband about the peanut butter and jelly martini!
In addition to obtaining tickets for certain character meet and greets, that first Navigator told us where to go to sign up for various tastings and beverage seminars.  We went there, too, and obtained tickets for Mixology classes and a rum tasking seminar for the husband. 

Now, what to do with these tickets?  Well, we hung them on our stateroom door using magnetic clips--click here to read more about organizing your stateroom.  Then, we made sure we had the tickets when we proceeded to the various events.

The first Navigator also had the movie schedule for each day of the cruise.  That was also helpful as we planned our days.  The guys were able to watch three movies in the Buena Vista Theater while on board.


  1. Love your blog! I have been reading it since we took are fist disney cruise in 2014 you are so helpful! I have one quick question do you remember what time and day you guys did the princesses meet and great also the Ana & Elsa meet &greet.

    1. Richard,
      We got tickets for both the Princess Gathering and Anna and Elsa meet and greet for our first at sea day. I know there were tickets for other days but we chose those. Times? I recall Anna and Elsa being around lunchtime--11:15 or 11:30. We went right after the Castaway Club reception which was at 10:30 am. Our Princess Gathering tickets were for 1:00 pm that same afternoon. Hope this helps and have a great cruise!

  2. That is very helpful! Thank you. I forgot to ask what day was the character breakfast.

    1. Richard, I do not know which day or days the character breakfast was offered as we did not get tickets to that event. And, you are so welcome! Have a magical voyage!