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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, January 8, 2016

Out Best Tips For Keeping Everything Ship Shape in Your Stateroom

An example of items left in your stateroom each evening that keep you well informed!
Let's be honest, staterooms can feel small especially when compared to a hotel or resort room.  Even with Disney Cruise Line staterooms being 25% larger than the industry average, a stateroom can still seem cramped when you add all of the stuff.  We have found ways to keep our stateroom ship shape where everyone knows where things are and how to find them. 

Previously, guests were allowed to bring over the door organizers, you know, the ones with the metal hooks.  Disney Cruise Line has now restricted those due to the damage being done to the doors.  We accommodated to meet the new guidelines.
I found the shelf hanger on Amazon.
An organizing tool we use is a shelf hanger in the closet.  It has velcro attachments at the the top and the loops go around the bar.  We put it in one of the closets, as we usually have two closets in our stateroom.  The shelves hold the clothing for each day but could be used for anything.  I even appreciate the very top which also acts like an extra shelf.  Horizontal space can be limited in a stateroom and this adds an additional 6 square feet of horizontal space. Note:  This item weighs a bit so I pack it in our carry on.
The inside of our stateroom door.
We also pack magnetic clips that let us use the metal stateroom doors as another option for organizing all the papers, tickets, and even lanyards.  Found packages of these colorful magnetic clips at Dollar Tree.

The bathroom door is also metal so magnets work great on it, too.  On our last cruise, one of the Castaway Club gifts was a magnetic dry erase white board and magnetic marker.  We brought it back and used it for communicating with each other when we weren't in the stateroom.  I used the bathroom door handle to hang the bag with all of our gear which made it easy to grab on the way out of the stateroom.
Here's our organizational corner that's ship shape.  Notice the Key to the World Card in the slot by the door?  On the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, a magnetic key is needed to activate the lights in the room.  We bring a card from a previous cruise and slide it into the slot--it stays there the entire cruise.

There you have it.  Our best tips for keeping your stateroom ship shape!  What are yours?

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