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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Aqua Duck On The Disney Dream

Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Disney Dream, offers the first ever water coaster at sea aptly titled the Aqua Duck, since after all, Donald Duck is the Admiral of the Disney Dream.

Aqua Duck is a play on words from the ancient Roman aqueducts that populated the European countryside and were used to transport water, goods, and people from one place to another. What is interesting is that some people speaking of the Aqua Duck actually slip up and say “aqueduct” instead. It is a subtle yet noticeable difference.

I’m waiting for when the boy studies ancient Rome in whatever grade and the teacher begins instructing about aqueducts and the boy raises his hand and says “Yeah, I’ve been on that.” I imagine intrigue and/or confusion on the teacher’s part at that point. We’ll have to do some explaining before the boy gets to that grade about the difference.

Anyway, while we have yet to be on the Dream and ride the Aqua Duck, dreaming about riding, planning riding, and talking about riding the “duck” continues to populate our conversations about our upcoming vacation.

We were excited to learn that the height requirement to ride the Aqua Duck was 48” just prior to the Christening and Maiden voyage cruises. Then just after the Maiden voyage, Disney Cruise Line changed the requirements. 48” to ride, but 54” to ride alone. Seems that some young riders were getting stuck—not having enough weight—and Cast Members would shut down the Aqua Duck and walk the tunnel to get the stuck riders out. Hence the change in height restrictions. (As of Feb. 28, 2011--the height requirement has changed again.  42" to ride with another person and 54" to ride alone.  This will allow younger riders to get a chance to try the Aqua Duck.)

So the boy’s dreams of riding the Aqua Duck are different now, unless he grows 3 inches between now and July. While possible, highly improbable. The husband and I are ready to ride, too. Wouldn’t miss it!

Donald Duck himself christened the Aqua Duck during the Maiden voyage during a special ceremony. Water was added to the Aqua Duck from both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, both Disney water parks. Typhoon Lagoon boasts a land based water coaster—Crush ‘n’ Gusher. Then Donald Duck completed the christening by riding the Aqua Duck. What a rush!

Enjoy this ride through video of the Aqua Duck:

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