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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, September 12, 2011

Meeting Captain Henry on the Disney Dream

When sailing on a Disney ship, it is customary to have an opportunity to meet the ship’s captain.  We have been introduced and photographed with the ship’s captain during formal nights on board.  But during our last cruise, we were first in line for the traditional Captain’s Signing, typically held on an “at sea” day during a cruise.

The Captain’s Signing is just that, an opportunity for the captain to sign or autograph some memorabilia from your cruise.  We have had Christmas ornaments and commemorative art work signed.  On our last Disney cruise, we purchased a commemorative print on board and asked Captain Henry to sign during the Captain’s Signing event.

The Captain’s Signing was advertised prominently in the Personal Navigator, yet still other guests asked why we were lined up outside one of the shops on board.  And, as guests sometimes do, there was much visiting about what Captain Henry was going to sign.  I showed the commemorative art work, purchased for less than $20, and several guests decided to purchase the same.

At the Captain’s Signing, don’t worry about having the appropriate writing utensil, as several are available for captain to select from, including metallic—gold and silver—pens.

We saw Captain Henry a second time during our last stop at Castaway Cay.  He paused for a photo with the boy.

Being able to meet the ship’s captain is something we look forward to on each of our Disney cruises.

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