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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Win Instant Prizes with Juicy Juice's Monstrous Promotion

Maybe I’m a “sucka” for advertising, but Juicy Juice’s newest promotion in conjunction with Disney/Pixar’s Monster’s University releasing this month has me hooked.

The promotion is to buy Juicy Juice products with the Monster’s University picture on the label as that means there is a special code on the inside of the label.  The code is then entered on-line and redeemed for instant win prizes as well as entry into a contest for cash and travel prizes.

The photo at the beginning of this post was an instant win prize—a “wallpaper” for you to download which obviously means that I have purchased the products.  Yep, I did and will probably purchase some more—using coupons and/or sale prices of course.

Okay, I bought six bottles of Juicy Juice, each with a unique code on the inside of the label and won several instant win prizes—a collector card and a comic—each that downloaded directly from the site. ( And, since the labels have been torn off the juice bottles it is somewhat fun to find your flavor as it is a mystery.)

I also had codes that won phone calls from the characters themselves.  If this is your instant win prize, you get to pick whether you want Mike or Sully to make the call, what type of call—good morning, good night, happy birthday, congratulations, encouragement, or a general call (if memory serves from the list).  Then, you get to choose the day of the call and the time.  Hint:  The times are either Eastern or Pacific so do that math when you set the time, AM or PM is a choice, as is the hour, quarter hour, half hour, or three quarters of the hour. 

We won 3 phone calls!  So tomorrow morning, the boy will get 3 different phone calls from the characters—two from Mike and one from Sully.  I can’t wait!

I also can’t wait for the movie to be released on June 21.  I know exactly where we will be!

The Monstrous promotion with Juicy Juice is until January of 2014.  Now, to go find those coupons. . .

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