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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, June 2, 2013

We Got Another Set of Matching Shirts for Walt Disney World!

Our newest set of matching shirts!
We got another set of matching shirts for our next Walt Disney World trip!  That makes 4 new sets of shirts for this trip.  Add them to our existing matching shirt sets and we have plenty. 

The newest set came from a shirt order collected at work.  I saw the “Laugh!” design option and couldn’t resist.

So why do we wear matching shirts at Disney?  Well, I have written about it before, but here goes:
  • It makes packing a breeze.  No worrying about someone packing too much or too little.  All 3 of us have the same amount of shirts to pack.  Just coordinate with bottoms.
  • It makes getting dressed in the morning very easy.  Only one decision—which shirt?  If one person makes that decision, everyone follows suit.  We take turns deciding.  (How we decide is fodder for another post.)
  • Organizing photos once home is easier with the matching shirts.  All of the photos with that shirt design go together as they happened on the same day.
  • It makes finding your traveling party or members of your traveling party easier.  Just look for someone dressed like you in the sea of people.
  • It can give Cast Members a visual of how many in your party for ride and attraction seating.
  • It gets you noticed and you never know what kind of Disney magic might come your way from being noticed!
  • It is fun!

Wearing matching shirts as a family started our very first trip and has continued on each trip.  Folks who have yet to travel to Disney poke fun at us for the matching shirt tradition.  We take the ribbing in jest and keep doing it knowing that we are not the only ones!

Purchasing matching shirts can be easy, fun, and economical.  The four new sets for our next trip came from various places.  Walgreens had shirts with state names for the price of 3 shirts for $12.  This made our shirts $4 each!  Another set were purchased from Disneystore.com for about $8 per shirt.  The shirts were on sale and I had a code for an additional discount.  Our newest shirts (Laugh!) were $7.50 each.  Our most expensive set came from Zazzle, yet they were custom made and I did have a 25% off code.  Still they were about $20 per shirt.

I am always on the lookout for new sets of shirts to add to our collection especially since the boy continues to grow.  But as for the next trip, we are good to go!


  1. So when is your next trip planned so you can try these cool new shirts?

    1. In a handful of weeks! Getting excited! Thanks for asking!

  2. I cannot wait to see photos of your trip it will help me get through the next 6 months until mine : )

    1. Michael,
      Thanks! With Photopass + there is sure to be plenty of pics!
      You will be there before you know it!