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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mike Wazowski Replacing Stitch and Mickey--For Wake-up Calls at Walt Disney World

Stitch and Mickey are being replaced by Mike Wazowski—for wake-up calls at Walt Disney World Resorts.  For a limited time, guests will hear Mike Wazowski’s voice on the other end of the phone rather than Stitch’s “wakey wakey” message followed by Mickey’s voice trying to get Stitch out of trouble.  This change in the wake-up call is part of the Monstrous Summer celebration at Walt Disney World.

Disney can even make something as mundane as a wake-up call magical!  Wake-up calls can be set from resort room telephones.  There is a special button on the resort room phone that will take you to the interactive setting that allows you to use the keypad on the phone to set the call.

Now, use this tip to make the wake-up call even more magical. . . answer the phone using the speaker button.  Instead of picking up the receiver when only the person answering can hear the message, leave the receiver in the cradle and push the speaker button to answer the wake-up call.  This way, everyone in the room gets to hear the magical morning message.

I can’t wait to hear what Mike Wazowski has to tell us!  Maybe he will tell us we need to get up and capture laughs to help power Monstropolis. . .

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