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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Addicted To Using Photopass Photos

I had one of those Oprahesque “ah ha” moments the other day.  My light bulb thought was that I use our Photopass photos a lot; I mean A LOT!  It made me appreciate Disney’s Photopass service, their products, including the coveted Photopass CD, and the ease and convenience of having high quality photos from our Walt Disney World vacation.

So, how do I use the photos?  Well, for the Williams Family Blog for starters.  The photos posted on the blog are a combination of Photopass and ones we took with our camera.  If all three of us are in the photo it is 99.9% certain that it is a Photopass photo.

I also use the photos to customize various items, especially gifts.  I use them to make calendars to give as gifts, mugs, collage prints, etc.  In the past week I customized a bag for the husband’s mom for a birthday gift—using a Photopass photo, made a 2013 calendar to give as a holiday gift using mostly Photopass photos, customized a pillow case for autographs for our next trip—click here to read more—using mostly Photopass photos, uploaded a photo of the husband and I kissing to get a free sample of Nivea lip cream, and taken advantage of a FREE 5X7 offer from Walgreens for even more gift giving opportunities. (It’s a great shot of the boy during our photo session at Downtown Disney—see photo below.) And, this was just in the past week—really!

Photopass photos are included in our digital scrapbooks from our trips.  I have also designed and used the official Photopass photo books on two occasions—once for our Adventures by Disney trip to the Southwest and another time when we took a 4 day trip to Walt Disney World. 

My latest realization about my use of and reliance on Photopass photos has me a bit worried.  Yes, I have enough Photopass photos to get us through gift giving opportunities until our next trip.  But, then what?  I’m planning on purchasing the photo CD from the cruise portion of our trip and am also considering pre-purchasing the Photopass CD for our three day Walt Disney World stay, even though we will only have one day in the parks.  I can still get Photopass photos taken at Downtown Disney and have them added to our account!  But, will that be enough photos to keep me satisfied until our next trip?  Hopefully!

So, the next time you are struggling with the dilemma to purchase photos or photo CD’s through Photopass, consider that the photo itself may not be the only use.  With the Photopass CD, I get the copyright to print and use the photos within reason.  The skies the limit when it comes to using the photos to customize various items. 

What will you be customizing?

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