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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Customized Pillowcase For Autographs

Custom pillow case from Inkgarden.com

Inkgarden.com offers customized products ranging from plates to mugs to tote bags to mouse pads.  And often they have great specials.

Yesterday, I designed and ordered a pillow case, which is regularly $21.99 each for just $5.00.  The shipping was $4.99 making the total $9.99.  You can see it in the photo above.  Navigating and using the site is quite easy.  Pick your product, upload photos, drag photos into position, type in your text and select text color. 

The pillow case will be used to collect autographs during our upcoming Disney Cruise and Walt Disney World vacation.

We used a plain pillow case for autographs during our most recent trip.  I wrote “Walt Disney World March 2012” on the pillow case trim using fabric markers then the characters had random spots for the autographs using different color fabric markers.  We used a piece of cardboard to firm up the autograph area as well as make sure the marker didn’t bleed through the fabric—next trip I’m considering a plastic lid—and we stored the case, markers, and cardboard in a gallon size plastic bag.  I washed the pillow case before we left and it has been washed many times since—the autographs have stayed put.

So, the new pillow case will be a more customized version of what we used last time. 

In terms of the price for the pillow case—consider how much an autograph book goes for at Walt Disney World.  The official Disney autograph book sells for $6.95 and the accompanying pen $4.95.  For less, we are getting something that can be used regularly and add Disney memories to our nighttime routines.

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