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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ah. . . Summer and the Living Is Easy

We are smack dab in the middle of summer vacation; a break from school and work.  My sleep patterns are off, as I have now devoured four Nora Roberts’ books in six days.  Thanks to a recommendation from a friend and sharing the first two books with me! (I got the other two books in the series from the library.)

One thing I’m learning is that the summer is full of Freebies!  The trip to the library to check out the books was just one example.  Our local library is hosting a summer reading program for kids and adults.  The boy completed the kids’ program and gathered all his prizes—free pizza, free kids’ meal, free book, free baseball tickets, etc.  The adult program offered a $3 coupon to a local ice cream store after reading three books.  Both the husband and I took advantage of the program and earned the coupons.  He and the boy have made two trips to get ice cream.  Both reading programs have a drawing for bigger prizes at the end of the month.  I’ll let you know if we win!

Speaking of prizes, I entered a contest sponsored by State Farm to win a trip to Walt Disney World this morning and won a $15 iTunes card. (Here's the link to the contest!) I got the confirmation e-mail and just have to wait for it to arrive in the mail after the contest ends.  Yeah!  We will use the card to purchase games, movies, or music.  Be sure to let us know if you enter or win!

On the subject of purchasing, I snagged some deals yesterday as a local retailer that had jeans and twill pants for the boy on sale for $2.99 a pair.  I just couldn’t resist!  So, I picked up 3 pairs of jeans—light blue, dark blue, and black, and 3 pairs of twill dress pants—navy, khaki, and black for less than $18.  I bought the current size for the jeans and the next size up for the twill pants as they are for our Disney cruise in December. 

My shopping trip also included a stop at a local shoe retailer as I had made an on-line purchase and had it shipped to the store for free!  This particular retailer had a BOGO sale going on during the past week or so and I scored an additional 20% sandals code on Ebates.com.  Both the husband and the boy got new sandals—for our trip in December!  And, I got money back in the Ebates.com account!  They had sports cleats marked down to $6, so I grabbed a pair for fall for the boy.  Oh, how good it feels to not pay full price!

If you haven't registered for Ebates.com yet, what's stopping you?  Here's how I got started with Ebates and now get money back when I shop on line--click here.

Now, for the free band concert and free movie in the park coming in the next few days.  Ah. . .  summer!

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