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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Big Fat Check!

My first Ebates “Big Fat Check” arrived in the mail. It wasn’t due to be mailed until mid-May, but I got an e-mail informing me that it was being mailed early.

Now, the check was only for sixteen dollars and change, so it wasn’t a huge amount by any means, but it meant $16 in my pocket—which is a good thing. It also meant that ebates.com’s rebate system is real—and it really works. . . if there are any skeptics reading this post.

So, how can you get a “Big Fat Check”?

First, register at ebates.com using your e-mail address. The whole process is free!

Then, anytime you go to make an on-line purchase, log on to ebates.com first, and using the list of stores, find the store you are looking for to make your purchase.

Click on the store. But before you click “shop now”, scroll down the page and check out the various coupon codes or discounts that are available to you. No more hunting for on-line coupon codes before making a purchase—they are all in one location!

When you find a coupon code, click on “shop now” beside the coupon code or at any time while your on-line store is on the screen.

A new window will open with an image of a ticket, including a ticket number. This screen will appear quickly and go away quickly to reveal your on-line store. Don’t worry about it, as it is easy to track those ticket numbers under “My account” on ebates.

Once your on-line store appears, begin your shopping as normal. When you “check out” at your on-line store, the coupon code you clicked on above will appear. When you are finished with your on-line shopping experience, your “cash back” will appear on your ebates.com account in about 72 hours. You will also be notified via e-mail that cash back has been posted to your account.

Repeat the above steps for all of your on-line shopping!

Ebates.com has changed the way I shop, especially on-line. For example, when our home computer printer needed printer cartridges—which can be a bit pricey—instead of heading to Wal-Mart, I logged onto ebates and made my purchase for cartridges at walmart.com using the site to store delivery method. A few days later, I picked up the cartridges at the store, with a portion of my payment in my cash back account on ebates.com.

Ebay is also on ebates. I log into ebates.com then head to ebay. If I’m doing a “buy now” purchase, then all is good. If I place a bid, I then wait to log back into ebates when the bid is up and I have “won” the item before making the purchase to make sure that ebates.com registers the ebay purchase. I didn’t worry about finding the ebates ticket number for my original ebay visit, just opened a new shopping ticket to make my purchase.

I also made a purchase at an online store that didn’t show up within 72 hours on e-bates. I just logged into ebates and found the form to contact them about the issue. It was easy and the matter was resolved within a day. Using the ticket numbers helps them find the on-line purchase and the amount of the purchase.

I have been able to combine special offer codes as well when “checking out” of the on-line store. If I clicked on a coupon code at the beginning of my purchase, then that code is attached to my order and I have still been able to enter another discount code, that I had access to via e-mail or another special promotion at “check out” to reduce my total payment even more. And, while that also reduces the amount of cash back for ebates, I would much rather pay the lower price!

The husband also uses the ebates account. No need to create a separate account, as we share an e-mail. He made an on-line purchase using a gift card he received as a gift and still got cash back on ebates. Talk about a gift that kept on giving!

If you haven’t tried ebates.com, I highly recommend it. Click here to read more about ebates.com.

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