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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Williams Family Blog Hits 100,000 Page Views

I’ve been watching the clicker to the right as it rolled through the numbers as readers found and read the Williams Family Blog.  I’ve been watching as the numbers climbed up and up and as I compose this post, the clicker is 60 page views from 100,000.  I’m confident that by the time this post is published, the page view counter will have scrolled to the momentous mark.

The husband took a look at the number too.  I asked if I ought to write about hitting 100,00 page hits.  His response, “Yes.”  So, upon his advice, I’m reflecting on the occasion.

For our faithful readers, thanks for tuning in regularly for a dose of Disney or highlights about our family.

For those who have recently discovered the Williams Family Blog, welcome!

The Williams Family Blog has been alive and well for a little over two years.  What started out as a way to express knowledge and information about Disney and other potential travel pursuits for families has turned into a passion.

Our trips now include phrases such as “This is for the blog” or “Are you going to blog about this?”  Our photo taking is for capturing moments and memories for us and capturing information—for you.

There have been some memorable events because of the Williams Family Blog, such as the time we were recognized at Chef Mickey’s by a blog reader—Thanks, Sherri!  Or when I introduced my Mother-In-Law to a family and she was greeted with “I’ve read about you in the blog.”  That sure made her day!

Beyond the husband and the boy, our family, at times, has been skeptical, but that is okay. It feels good to do something that you look forward to doing and enjoy doing.

My greatest hope is that we have helped people answer a question or get needed information to make their adventures more enjoyable.  I write as if I were the one searching for information;  I write about things I would want to know.

Thank you for reading and joining in on the adventure!

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