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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

9 Out Of 10 Disney Princesses

9 out of 10 isn’t bad.  At least for meeting Disney Princesses!  We were able to meet 9 out of 10 Disney Princesses during our most recent trip to Walt Disney World.  See if you can determine which Disney Princess is missing.
 We saw Belle at the Princess Gathering in the Town Square Theater and at EPCOT in the France Pavilion with The Beast.

Rapunzel was in the Fairy Tale Garden, but now has a new meet and greet location in the Town Square the Magic Kingdom--click here to read more.

 Pocahontas was with Meeka near the entrance to Festival of the Lion King at Camp Minnie Mickey in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

 We found Sleeping Beauty, also known as Princess Aurora at the Princess Gathering in Town Square Theater at the Magic Kingdom and also in the France Pavilion in EPCOT.

 Princess Jasmine was near the Magic Carpets in the Magic Kingdom.  We also saw her at the AAA Story Time--click here to read more.  And, we have found her in the Morocco Pavilion at EPCOT before.

 Mulan greeted the boy at Disney's Hollywood Studios during, what we call the Character Explosion, also known as Character Palooza--click here to read more.

Tiana was greeting guests at her gazebo at the Magic Kingdom. 

Ariel, and Prince Eric, were found on the veranda at Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom.

Cinderella was with other princesses in the Princess Gathering at the Town Square Theater in the Magic Kingdom.

If you guessed Snow White as the missing Princess you would be correct.  We knew we would find her at EPCOT in the Germany Pavilion and had read the Times Guide for exact times.  Since we had a 6:00 pm ADR at the Biergarten, we made sure we could get to the 5:30 pm meet and greet time.  We went to the spot only to discover a Cast Member, and character handler at that, informing us that Snow White was not available to meet guests that day.  Oh, no!  We were a bit disappointed, but we had met her before on previous trips.  And, it gives us another reason to come back!

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