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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rapunzel Has A New Meet & Greet Location at the Magic Kingdom

Guests wishing to meet Rapunzel at the Magic Kingdom can now find her at the Town Square Courtyard next to City Hall.

Since Rapunzel first appeared at the Magic Kingdom, she has been greeting guests at the Fairytale Garden—click here to read more.  But Merida from Disney’s new movie Brave has now taken over the Fairytale Garden and Rapunzel has been moved to Town Square.

The Town Square Courtyard can be found just past the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.  If you are looking at the Castle, it is on your left, next to City Hall. 

What’s great is the guests can now meet several Disney Princesses near the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, with Rapunzel in the Town Square Courtyard and other Disney Princesses located inside the Town Square Theater, just across the square.

Walt Disney World Live Entertainment schedules have her meeting guests starting at 9:20 am  (Thurs. at 9:30 am) and intermittently until 7:30 pm.


  1. OOh! I just loove Rapunzel. When I go saturday that is who I plan on Meeting. Good thing you told me where she moved. Or I would have been frantic!!

  2. I hope you find Rapunzel, too! Have a great trip!