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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Disney's Newest Princess--Rapunzel!

We met Rapunzel at the Magic Kingdom during our visit to Walt Disney World in July.  Meeting Rapunzel rounded out our half-dozen new to us characters for our trip.

Rapunzel can now be found at both the Magic Kingdom in the Fairytale Garden and in EPCOT at the International Gateway.  When we visited, she was only able to greet guests in the Fairytale Garden at the Magic Kingdom.

If meeting Rapunzel is on your “must do” list, be sure to check the Times Guide with character meet and greet times listed.  The line for Rapunzel begins outside the Fairytale Garden, just to the right of Cinderella’s Castle and before the teacups—almost directly across from Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café.

We took the pathway behind the Castle, as we were enjoying Fantasyland before heading to meet Rapunzel. 

Guests are welcomed into the meet and greet in groups—similar to how guests were grouped for the Princesses and Fairies when they were located in Toontown Hall of Fame.

The children are welcome to gather around the large table in the center and color pictures, while the parents queue up.

One of the rules stated by the Cast Member before entering the Fairytale Garden is that you must not climb up or over the wall, but go around and walk up the path.

Yeah, right.  That wall is directly between parents and children.  When the parents get closer to the Princess, the direct path to get to your family is up and over that wall.  We even saw adults taking that one big step rather than go around and walk by other guests to get up the path.  Not very good planning, Disney!

The meet and greet is also supposed to be a “meet, greet, and play.”  I’m guessing the crayons and coloring pictures are meant to be the “play” portion of the interaction.  Instead, our boy found a worm while waiting in line and that became his “play.” (See video below.)

The Fairytale Garden is decorated just for the Princess with lanterns draped above and throughout the garden.  Her royal crest is displayed as well.  And, if you watched the video above, you can hear the music that is for the meet and greet as well.  Another fine example of Disney theming!

The Princess was lovely, gracious, and we were happy to meet her.

As we exited, the boy discovered Rapunzel’s sidekick and friend, Pascal, the chameleon—a stuffed version of course. A Cast Member happily placed him on the boy’s head for a photo.

When this character meet and greet first appeared in May of 2011, Flynn Rider was also included.  He is no longer included and was not included when we were there in July.  Guests can find Flynn Rider during special events such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  We were treated to some surprise photos of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider on our Photopass CD.  See photos below.

When interacting with Disney characters, it can be fun to converse with them as their character.  Ask Rapunzel what she is painting and see what she might say.

Note:  The date of this post is October 2, 2011.  The Princess is having her Royal Coronation at Buckingham Palace today. 

The Fairytale Garden was previously the home to Story Time with Belle--click here to read all about Story Time with Belle.

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