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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, August 2, 2010

Story Time With Belle Comes to an End to Make Way for Characters from Rapunzel

Alas, Story Time with Belle is no more. The quaint Fairytale Garden just east of Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom beginning September 13, will be the home of a new character interaction with the characters from Tangled, one of Disney’s new movies. Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel will call the Fairytale Garden home. So, this post is a tribute to Story Time with Belle.

First, let me try to describe the Fairytale Garden. You can find the entrance just east of the Castle across from the Starlight Café. If you are at the teacups you are close to the entrance. Just walk towards the hub and look to your right, just past the little snack shop and bathrooms. The garden is lush with foliage and is a nice shady spot in the hot Florida sun. There are stone benches arranged to face the quasi stage that has a decorative iron scroll and stained glass door. This is the door that the characters us to move on and off the stage.

Story Time with Belle was presented several times a day and as seating was limited, it was best to arrive a few minutes early. In doing so, you would often find other characters in residence, like the Tremaines.

Story Time with Belle was a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story using cast members and volunteers from the audience. Belle told the story and used props from the giant trunk with the rose on top.

The boy was selected to be Gaston and had to practice his line, “Marry me, Belle” which he delivered with gusto.

Young girls were chosen to represent Mrs. Potts and the other characters.

The day we were there, a father in the audience was chosen to be the Beast and during one portion of the retelling, Gaston battled the Beast!

Story Time with Belle was one of those enchanting moments that allowed you to be immersed in the magic. The “actors” and audience members would be the only other people in the park for the time being.

When the retelling was over, Belle was available for photos and autographs.

We are glad we had at least one opportunity to experience Story Time with Belle and hope that it may return when the Fantasyland expansion is complete. In the meantime, we will make a point to meet Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder during our next Walt Disney World visit.

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