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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Disney . . . Planning and Dreaming and Organizing!

I ran into a fellow Disney fan today and of course our conversation made its way to Disney. While our next trip is over 100 days away, I decided to take an inventory of our shirts, you know the matching ones. (Click here to read more about our matching shirts.)

Maybe it was the avoidance of the coming work week or maybe it was the need to use technology to help me, but whatever the need, I created an excel spreadsheet with a list of our matching shirts and then created a grid with checks to indicate what trip(s) the shirts were worn. I know . . . a bit. . . well, you just fill in the blank. Is this the point that I tell you that I separated the shirts on the list into short sleeves and long sleeves? Yes, there are times in Florida that you need long sleeves.

Here’s what I discovered while taking inventory:

• We have 5 sets of matching long sleeve t-shirts or sweatshirts, not counting our matching red fleece jackets with Mickey.

• We have 23 sets of matching short sleeve shirts. YIKES!

• Some of those 23, the boy has out grown, so just the husband and I have matching shirts.

• Of the 23, there is 1 set that has been worn on 4 of 6 trips to Disney and our Adventures by Disney tour and is still going strong—still fits the boy, too.

• That 1 set of t-shirts was even worn on our first trip to Walt Disney World in November of 2006.
Our First Trip
November 2006

Our Second Visit
September 2007

Our Third Visit
September 2008

Our Fourth Trip
March 2009

Our Adventures By Disney Tour
Sedona, Arizona
July 2009

So, with the spreadsheet complete, I can start packing for our next trip. And, I think we’ll take the orange shirts for one more trip!

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