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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Husband Was IN the Backlot Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Do you want to be in the movies?  If I were asking the husband that question, he would say , “yes!”  And, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, some lucky guests get to “be in the movies.”

The husband got his wish when we visited the Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios.  When moving to the top of the inclined, multi-lane queue, a Cast Member appeared and asked for 3 volunteers over the age of 18.  The husband raised his hand and was selected, along with two other gentlemen from the group.  He was whisked away behind a door.

Soon the Cast Member reappeared and asked for the families of the volunteers to move to the side of the queue with her.  She explained that we would have a special viewing area and that we would need to take our own pictures and/or video of the experience.  I told her that the husband had the video camera in his bag.  She told me she would get the video camera and be right back, as the volunteers had lockers to store their belongings in the backstage area.

This is when Cast Member Tracey appeared.  She came out from behind the door and asked for me.  I raised my hand and she proceeded to acknowledge my planning for this trip, as she was carrying our video camera which was stored in a waterproof container with a lid.  It is actually a re-used Crystal Light drink mix container.  The shape of the plastic containers make them perfect to hold cameras and flip video cameras—and an extra set of batteries—all in one easy to find, transparent, waterproof container.  My interaction with Tracey made my head swell.  She said, “I bet you have a Tide Stick in your purse.”  Of course I did and I showed her, along with the wet wipes, snacks, custom autograph book, etc.  She asked if I wrote about my traveling tips.  Yes, and I proceeded to give her a customized family card which included the web-site for our blog.  (Click here to read more.)  This wouldn’t be our last interaction with Tracey during our trip, but I’ll have to tell that story another time.

The families of the volunteers were soon directed to the special front viewing spot for the water battle scene of the Backlot Tour and the rest of the guests filed in behind us.

The volunteers appeared, were introduced, took their places to film the battle scene, and took their bows when finished.

(Note:  Special quote the husband, "I'm glad I didn't turn left.  And, you still get wet!")

The completed “film” then played on overhead screens.

We waited a few minutes while the rest of the crowd made their way through the “prop” room and to the trams for the rest of the tour so the husband could change his clothes, collect his things, and join us for the rest of the tour.

The husband had a grand time being in the movies at the Backlot Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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