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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Have Business Cards For Our Upcoming Trip

Vacationing, specifically, Disney vacationing can be very social.  Our family tends to strike up conversations with strangers while waiting in line for shows and attractions, in restaurants, while waiting for the bus, or while on the bus.  We have had great conversations with other families while waiting for parks to open, too.  Sometimes we have seen these same folks later and have greeted each other with big waves and a feeling that somehow we have made a connection. 

Cruising with Disney is the same, especially if you have tablemates at dinner.  We so enjoyed our tablemates from our last cruise and think of them often—click here to read more.  And, while we have a few pictures, the only other things we have are the memories.

Our Adventures By Disney tour group felt the same connectedness that was difficult to remove yourself from at the end of our week together.  It is sort of that feeling you get when leaving summer camp or another great experience you had with a group of people.  One of the tour group members created a web-site that we were all apart of, but it eventually faded away—the site, not the feeling.

 This is both the Front and Back view of our
new Business Cards for our upcoming trip.

Social networking sites have helped folks stay together, through Facebook, etc.  But not everyone is on Facebook and sometimes you don’t get their full names—just that family from Illinois.  So, we are going into our next trip prepared.  We have made business cards with our names, picture, and web address for the Williams Family Blog.  We already had business cards for the Blog itself—letting people know to check it out as they or their organization had been or was about to be blogged about.  We handed out the business cards when we reviewed local pools last summer.  But the new cards are different.  They are larger and are more personal.

How did we make them?  Well, the new cards we made on Zazzle.com, the same web-site we use to make our custom matching t-shirts.  100 business cards was well under $20.  We chose a larger size dubbed “chubby”, which made the cost go up a bit.  Then I applied a 10% discount coupon and of course, went through ebates.com and received 10% cash back on my ebates.com account.  Zazzle lets you upload your own images.  The cards came in a clear plastic box for easy carrying, too.

Another option is Vista Print at vistaprint.com.  They offer “free” business cards—250 of them for just a shipping charge (under $5).  We used Vista Print to make our first set of cards for the Williams Family Blog.  Vista Print will also allow you to upload images, but there is an increased fee—no more “free.”  Vista Print is also a store on ebates.com, so you can get cash back for your purchase.

The husband is the most excited about having the cards.  He is looking forward to passing them out.  I’m looking forward to being able to exchange contact information with folks we have made connections with throughout our travels.  Those Disney people are one dedicated and passionate group of folks.  They “get it!”  It’s great to share that feeling with others!

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