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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, May 15, 2011

There Are No Wrong Decisions When It Comes To Disney Planning (except deciding not to decide)

After being at the most magical place on Earth 7 times and about to make our 8th visit, we have seen the gamut when it comes to planning for a Disney vacation.  We have seen some folks who come with no plans and wing the entire vacation—they usually don’t return as they found it less than a pleasant experience.  We have also seen people enter the parks with 3-ring notebooks full of maps, reservations, and touring plans—we hope those folks find some magic while they are at the most magical place on Earth!  We have also witnessed people unable to make decisions about a Disney vacation and torture themselves with ADR—Advanced Dining Reservations—what if’s and questions.

It is easy to second guess yourself when planning a family vacation and planning a Disney family vacation is no exception.  Just know that there are no “wrong” choices.  Walt Disney World Resort is just that, a resort.  It is huge and offers so many choices that it is easy to get overwhelmed.  Yet, all of those choices offer fun and opportunities for your family to have a great time on your Disney vacation.  You can’t go wrong with any decision you make other than to decide not to decide. 

That’s why I don’t understand the hesitation or second guessing the decisions.  It is as if folks are searching for that perfect Disney vacation and have to make all the right decisions to achieve it.  Well, I agree that a Disney vacation can be a perfect vacation—it is for our family which is why we keep going back.  But it is not specific things—attractions, accommodations, restaurants, or touring plans that make it perfect.  It is the fact that we have a great time and make memories together as a family that makes it perfect.  We have just as much fun dining at the food court at our resort as we do at a restaurant in World Showcase at EPCOT.  And, those are the planning decisions.

Then there are the decisions that have to be made while you at Walt Disney World Resort.  Which park do we go to?  What time?  What attractions will we experience?  While many Disney touring experts agree that early morning touring is best (and we agree), that may not work out for your family.  Maybe your family is more of a night owl family.  That works, too.  Sleep in, get to the parks later in the day and enjoy the late night hours when the parks are less crowded—and cool if it is summer. 

We’ve heard repeatedly to take an afternoon break while touring.  We don’t.  But, on longer trips, we build in an entire day when we take a break.  This works for our family, but it may not for yours.

That’s my point.  The only perfect Disney vacation is one that works for your family;  one that allows your family to have fun and make great memories together. 

Thank goodness Disney has so many choices!

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