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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Chance Encounter With Mickey Mouse Aboard the Disney Dream

 Disney vacations can have surprises around every corner, and sailing on Disney Cruise Line is no exception.

On our last Disney Cruise aboard the beautiful Disney Dream, we were on our way to meet Winnie the Pooh before dinner, when the mouse himself appeared on Deck 4 near the Lobby Atrium.

 Mickey and the boy walked for a bit, then admired a painting together, and finished the encounter with some photos.

What I most appreciate about this brief encounter with Mickey is that it seemed as if he and the boy were good friends.  This encounter demonstrates that when Mickey says, “Hi ya, Pal,” he means it, as he is genuinely everyone’s good friend.

I also appreciated that this was a chance encounter and there wasn't a mob of other cruise line guests clamoring for a moment with the mouse.  It was just us, Mickey, and Mickey’s handler, until others came to join in the party, of course.  And, that we were at the ready with cameras.

What a bit of magic!  A bit of Disney magic!

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