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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Disney's Photopass CD--Do I Pre-Order?

Decisions, decisions. . .  Pondering pre-ordering Disney’s Photopass CD for our upcoming trip was a dilemma for me this trip. 

There were some Pros:

  • Pre-ordering saved money.  The pre-order price is $99.95 a savings of $50 over the $149.95 paid either at the parks for the CD or upon arriving home.
  • Just using Disney’s Photopass service is Pro.  I wouldn’t think of not using it!  Click here to read about Disney’s Photopass service.
  • Pre-ordering and pre-paying means that expense does not have to come out of travel money.
  • By pre-ordering there may be other perks—discounts, freebies, etc. that come along when requesting the CD upon arrival to home.
  • The borders, signatures, and editing that can be done to your Photopass photos before they are put on the CD.

And, some Cons:

  • The pre-order savings is really less than $50, as when you order the CD when you return home from your trip, there is a shipping charge.  Less than $10, but still a shipping charge!
  • The borders, signatures, and editing that can be done to your Photopass photos before they are put on the CD.  Yep, this is both a pro and con.  Yeah, the borders, etc. are great, but it can take a lot of time to do that after your trip, hence delaying the arrival of your CD.  Do I ever really use the pictures with borders?  (I put one on this post on purpose!)
  • If I buy the CD at the parks at the end of our trip, I can come home with the CD and pictures! (no border adding opportunities at this point)  There’s also typically some picture special to accompany the Photopass CD purchase such as 2 or 3 free 5 X 7 photos that you can take home, too!

The husband said that my two loves—saving money and Disney—were colliding and causing an internal conflict.  Add in my need for some instant gratification of having the Photopass CD in my hands upon arriving home and thus immediate access to photos was truly a Disney dilemma.

So, what did I do?  I pre-ordered the CD for the savings.  I may forgo the border adding, and I can edit the photos strait from the Photopass CD by changing the “Read Only” status of the photo in the Properites.  Upon our return, I just may hit the order button without taking the time to add borders, etc. so that the CD can be on it’s way quickly!

If you want to pre-order your Disney Photopass CD—click here for the special pre-order offer. (I have this site bookmarked for easy reference for future trip!)

1 comment:

  1. I preorder, to save money and love the borders don't want to waste ride/attraction time at WDW, but have to to add Jedi Training, plus the ability to zoom in and crop photos to get more for my money. And it's fun going thru and reliving the magic! Also I can share my photos online with my Mousejunkie friends!