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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mousejunkies! 2nd Edition

Our local bookseller phoned with good news-- Mousejunkies! 2nd Edition had arrived and was ready for me to pick up.

I had already read Mousejunkies!click here to read more.  And, couldn’t wait to get a second helping!

I’m about half way through and the book has me laughing out loud!  There’s a hysterical letter that can be used to inform others about your upcoming trip to Walt Disney World and somewhat explain why you are going again.  After hearing snorts and seeing eyes roll when I tell people we are going again, I can appreciate Bill Burke’s humor in the letter.  And, let me get on my soap box for a moment, stepping up, when other people frequent a vacation destination say Las Vegas time after time or go to a cabin on a lake repeatedly or frequent ball fields to watch their favorite game do they have to explain why they keep going or experience eye rolling and snorting as a response to their vacation plans?  NO!  So, why is it that frequent Walt Disney World visitors, especially me, get that kind of reaction?  Hmmm?  Enough said.  Stepping down from the soap box.

Another great part of the book is about this seemingly secret society of closet Mousejunkies who find each other and it is as if they have a coded language full of letters like ADR and TTC, etc.  One contributor to the book talks about some of her clients and when she discovers they are Disney fans their relationship gets even better.

There is also talk of, okay writing of, trip planning and how some Mousejunkies plan entire trips around dining.  Been there, done that!  I was roaring when I read that!

Since I’m only half-way through the book, I’m looking forward to reading more.  I’m also looking forward to asking for the pineapple chunks and caramel sauce at ‘Ohana’s, which I learned is an alternative dessert to the banana bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and warmed banana’s foster sauce.  Yeah—either one would be just fine!

If you are in need of a Disney fix, want some insider tips, enjoy reading about the most magical place on earth, or just want to learn more about Disney, this book may be for you. 

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