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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dinosaurs Are Alive at Jurassic Park

Are dinosaurs still alive? If you visit Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure, you’re likely to say “yes.” In addition to the Jurassic Park ride, a flume ride with a huge drop, which is the headline attraction on the island, there is a prehistoric field museum of sorts, a multi-story Camp Jurassic playground, and Pteranodon Fliers, a 2 person swing ride that circles around Camp Jurassic.  You can see the track for Pteranodon Fliers just to the right in the photo above.

We all rode Jurassic Park. All 3 of us fit into one of the rows in the boat with room to spare. The ride is pretty tame until you get to the large T-Rex growling at you before you hang on for the 65 ft. plummet. The premise of the ride is that the dinosaurs have escaped the confines of Jurassic Park and you have to search and find them before they attack. Good luck!

The boy and I rode Pteranodon Fliers—the two rider swing ride. The line for this ride can get pretty long. If you have any issues with heights, this ride is not for you.

Camp Jurassic was a unique playground and we explored a bit.

The place we spent most of our time was the prehistoric field museum. The two story building hosts many dinosaur displays including a dinosaur egg nursery and museum quality replicas of dinosaurs. There are many interactive displays as well.

The most unique interaction came at the entrance. A handler was holding a “live, baby dinosaur” that moved and responded to your touch. Are you a believer yet?

There is a dining location on the top floor of this building, which is the same level you enter. The view from the back, near the restaurant is incredible, as it sits on the lake that is the middle of all the islands of Islands of Adventure. If we were to come here again, I would plan to dine here and get an outside table.

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