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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, August 30, 2010

Characters at Universal Studios

We’ve met some pretty “famous” characters at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida.  Do you recognize Doc Brown from Back to The Future?

Just as you exit Shrek 4D and make your way through the store, there is a meet and greet for the Shrek characters just across the street. Donkey comes out every now and again to throw insults or compliments your way. Donkey was then joined by Princess Fiona. Moments later, Shrek appeared for photos and autographs.

There are many street performers circulating throughout the thoroughfares of the park. They are happy to smile for the camera and interact with you “in character.”

Jaws is on display for a photo op just outside the Jaws attraction.

Barney can be found in his Backyard just after the Barney show.

The Simpsons are on hand, as they have a ride at Universal Studios. We saw Bart first at the meet and greet. He was later joined by Marge and Homer. It was the Williams Family meets the Simpson Family!

Remember that Universal Studios is just one park/part of Universal Studios. Islands of Adventure is adjacent as is City Walk which anchors both the parks and all the parking.

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