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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure, one of the two theme parts at Universal Studios, is just that. . . islands. When you walk from one to another it is as if you have entered a new world or. . . island. Compare it to moving from land to land at Walt Disney World. You know—Adventureland to Fantasyland to Tomorrowland. You get the idea.

Anyway, one of the islands at Islands of Adventure is Seuss Landing in honor of Dr. Seuss and his many characters and stories.

The theming is quite intricate including a place to dine for green eggs and ham. That location wasn’t open when we were there, but it is nearby the If I Ran the Zoo playground. Careful—as water play is frequent here.

The Cat in the Hat ride is inside and has an inside queue. Caroseussical is outside and features many fabulous creatures to ride--including Horton the elephant!

One Fish, Two Fish is a ride similar to Dumbo. You can ride a red fish or a blue fish. I think our fish was yellow.

There are many characters roaming the Seuss Landing. Lots of “Who’s” from Who Ville!

We even got to meet the Grinch himself. Since it wasn’t even near Christmas, he had a bit more happier disposition, if the Grinch has a happier disposition.

We even dined with some characters. . . The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2!

The boy’s favorite ride in Seuss Landing. . . you guessed it, it had to be a train. It was the High in the Sky Trolley Train. This ride is actually quite ingenious and not quite as tame as you might think. The queue is a curly ramp that twists and turns as you move upward to the “station.” Then it is all aboard one of the two trains. There is a bit of randomness as to which train and track you will get to ride. Both trains circle around above Seuss Landing and one goes around inside Circus McGurcus, a busy restaurant on the island. On each ride you get a bit of many Dr. Seuss stories through the narration. We rode twice and enjoyed it. Note: This ride goes out over the water and you are on a narrow train track. . .hence the not as tame as it looks. As each train departs, a bell rings and the crew shouts “All Aboard!”

If you are interested in purchasing Dr. Seuss themed t-shirts, this is the place with a whole shop dedicated to the many shoppers.

Seuss Landing is geared towards the younger set, but even we adults enjoyed it. I do have to say that the husband headed off to ride the Hulk Coaster one more time as the boy and I rode the High in the Sky Trolley Train again. He just couldn’t do it one more time!

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