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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School and He Made the Front Page, Again!

Our local daily paper tries to cover much news and human interest stories. We enjoy reading the paper each morning, and only get annoyed when the paper delivery is late. So imagine our surprise to find the boy on the front page, again.

The husband saw it first and thought somehow I already knew and  kept asking me if there was anything I wanted to tell him. I searched the memory, racking my brain to find a morsel of information that I may have overlooked telling him, especially since he was looking at the paper while asking me.

Finally, I just crossed the room to the table to take a look. There it was. . .the front page photo of the first day of school. It made me smile! Man, is he growing up so quickly.

This is the second time the boy’s photo has been featured on the front page—click here to read about the first time. This makes a total of 4 times his picture has been in the paper plus numerous other times his name has been included. I say he’s living a charmed life.

The photographer/reporter and I have some history, not that it mattered in this case, as I don’t think he would have put the two of us together. Amazingly, I was just talking about him to a friend at the local pool on Sunday. You see, there was an event that happened that had a potential tragic ending involving an Amber Alert for a child. It was the photographer/reporter for this photo that called me later that day to tell me all was well with the child who was missing. He didn’t have to call. I had even turned him away from answering questions earlier in the day due to direct orders from my supervisor, even those this reporter and I had worked together previously. So, again, he didn’t have to call. But amidst all the chaos and surprising news, that reporter took a moment to phone me at home. I will always remember and be grateful for that kind and caring moment when he thought of me because he knew I would want to know.

So, what’s next for the boy and when we he show up next in the news living his charmed life? Who knows!!

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