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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SeaWorld's Blue Horizons!

Blue Horizons is performed 6 times daily at Orlando’s SeaWorld in the Whale and Dolphin Theater. Designed to blend water and sky, birds, dolphins, and performers add credence to the idea that we are all one. . . in the Blue Horizon!

The Whale and Dolphin Theater seats many, but it is not as large as Shamu Stadium. The shows fill up fast, so get there early to find a seat, especially during peak travel times.

While the main focus is on the performers in the water. . . the dolphins, performers in the air add creativity and depth to the show. If only dolphins could fly and birds could swim!

The trainers synchronize the moves seamlessly displaying feats skill, balance, and courage.

It was interesting that the day we were there, the dolphins suddenly stopped performing and the show came to a halt. The music played on, as if in the background, while the trainers explained what was happening.

You see, the dolphins are asked to perform. . . not told or required or punished if they don’t. If they choose not to, it has to be OK. One of the larger female dolphins had entered the performing tank only to find some smaller male dolphins and she took to bullying them. She wouldn’t let them back into their holding tank or let them perform. So, the trainers distracted her with a toy to let her move out of the way to get the other dolphins into the holding tank.

The show ended just shortly before the finale, so we didn’t feel cheated as guests. We were invited to attend a showing later in the day if we liked.

I have always wondered if the stopping of the show to explain what was happening wasn’t part of the show. . . part of the story. Since I haven’t been to another Blue Horizons show since, I have never been quite sure. If you have seen Blue Horizons, maybe you can confirm.

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