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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, August 22, 2010

SeaWorld's Believe!

While there has been some controversy of late about the necessity of having large killer whales perform and interact with humans, SeaWorld’s whale show Believe is amazing.

Shamu Stadium is the home of the show, which has had many versions over the years to morph into what is now Believe. The stadium is a show unto itself with lighting, music, and large LCD screens that move to form large pictures, a panoramic view, or separate images.

Believe is the story of a young boy who has doubts of his abilities, but eventually believes in himself and his ability to do anything. . .all stemming from his interaction with the sea.

The whales and humans perform an intricate ballet of sorts timed beautifully to the music and images on the LCD screens.

There are feats of skill and courage all based on trust between the animals and the trainers.

Shamu gets up close and personal with the audience at the end, after several splashing passes.

The boy could not believe that he got wet!

Believe is performed 5 times each day, followed by 2 showings of Shamu Rocks in the evening. Our advice. . . get there early. Despite Shamu Stadium’s massive size, it fills up quickly, especially during peak travel periods. We watched and heard people being turned away because the stadium was too full. How disappointing to venture all the way to SeaWorld and the stadium for that matter to be turned away from this signature show.

If you want to see the whales close up, there is an underwater viewing station in the back of the stadium. Also, SeaWorld offers special dine with Shamu seatings at The Cove Restaurant located adjacent to Shamu Stadium.

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