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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, August 20, 2010

SeaWorld in Orlando

SeaWorld makes a significant presence in the Orlando area with 3 “theme” parks of sort. Discovery Cove is a dolphin interaction and beach like experience in the middle of the city with an all inclusive day. Aquatica is SeaWorld’s version of a water park with Commerson dolphins on display and integrated into the water park experience (click here to read more). SeaWorld is part theme park with rides and attractions and part aquarium with many marine animals on display with a mix of cirque du soleil.

We had the opportunity to visit SeaWorld in Orlando for a day. While the park can be toured in a day, you have to decide your priorities. We did not ride any rides while at SeaWorld, even though it boasts some of the most innovative coasters around with Kraken and the new Manta which simulates the movement of a manta ray. We concentrated our focus on the various marine animal displays and the various shows.

Above is an example of a show schedule that you would find on the back of your park map. Since we didn’t have the schedule until we arrived at the park, it took us a couple of minutes to plan our attack. We hit 2 shows early, nearly running from one to another, and then took in some animal displays before heading to the next 2 shows. By 3:30 we had seen Believe, Blue Horizons, Pets Ahoy, and Clyde & Seamore. Whew! I would do the same again, but I would have liked to have the map and schedule prior to coming to the park so that we could get our bearings beforehand.

We were greeted by Shamu at the park entrance and he signed his autograph!

Highlights from the various shows and displays will be coming soon!

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