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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Buccaneer Bay at Honey Creek Resort

Honey Creek Resort is located in the heart of South Central Iowa on the shores of Lake Rathbun. The area offers boating, fishing, biking, camping, hiking, golf, and a beautiful resort stay. Buccaneer Bay is one of the amenities of guest staying in the resort or for an admission stay for use by day guests. We have been to Buccaneer Bay twice. One visit was to check it out on a non-school day and another time for the boy’s birthday.

The indoor water park has a slide for riders 48” or taller, a large hot tub, a pirate themed section for the young set, a river of sorts that you ride with tubes, floating creatures for climbing, and a water basketball hoop. Buccaneer Bay is great for little kids as the river has a maximum depth of about 2 ½ ‘ and the pirate themed section has much to offer. The deepest portion of the pool is the slide catch pool with 3 ½’.

There is an adjacent snack bar located on the second level of the water park. The snack bar features pizza and varies drinks and snacks.

Daily admission for non-resort guests can range from $5-$12 per person depending on week-day or week-end and whether the guest is a swimmer or non-swimmer. Prices are higher on the week-ends and even non-swimmers pay an entry fee.

Locker/changing rooms are located on the water park level and are available to anyone using the facility.

The large windows overlook the lake and rumors abound that an outdoor pool/water park will be added to the resort.

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