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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Look What Came in the Mail Today!

The above card arrived in the mail today! Even though our next Disney Cruise is 13 (closer to 14) months away, I was delighted to be reminded that it will be here before we know it. Inside the card was a list of important dates like when we would need to be paid in full, when we could book port adventures and spa treatments, and the date of our cruise. The card welcomed us back to Disney Cruise Line. Also included was a booklet with details about cruising with Disney in general.

It got me thinking, or better yet, dreaming. . . Disney dreaming!

If you didn't already know, we love cruising with Disney. We have experienced three Disney cruises and as evidenced by the mailing we received today, we are booked for our 4th. That makes us "Silver" Castaway Club members, based on the tiered system. We won't be "Gold" until our 6th cruise and "Platinum" is at the 12th cruise. Trust me, the husband is dreaming for the platinum level.

While there are a variety of reasons we love cruising with Disney like the food, service, entertainment, and exciting port adventures, another reason is it is just great fun to be on board. From the Adventures Away party on day 1, our time on board is spent celebrating, relaxing, and spending time together as a family. You can see the boy enjoying the Mickey slide in the photo above.

Doesn't the funnel just say "Disney?" It is a great spot to take photos. This is on Deck 10 of the Disney Magic. A friend of ours who has sailed with Disney a handful of times made a comment one time when her son was cruising on another cruise line and had experienced bad weather. The son had commented that there was nothing for the guests to do on board. He told his mom that they weren't on a Disney cruise. True enough! There are activities both inside and outside from sun up to well past sun down on the Disney ships.

We are spoiled! Disney has potentially ruined us for other cruise lines. We are anxiously awaiting the 2012 itineraries to be released featuring the Disney Fantasy. And, we are anxiously awaiting our next Disney cruise on the Disney Dream. Since we have sailed on the Magic, the Wonder, and next on the Dream, maybe we can make our next next cruise on the Fantasy. Now there's a goal! Always Disney Dreamin'!

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