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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ariel's Grotto

I am going to begin this post with an apology, as Ariel's Grotto is now closed due to the Fantasyland expansion. Do know that Ariel plans to return to Fantasyland in a big way with her own attraction and character meet and greet. In the meantime, you can meet Ariel along with Prince Eric at the Veranda in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom daily from 10:00 am to 4:45 pm. As you are heading into Adventureland from the hub, the Veranda is on the right just over the bridge. If you are the Swiss Family Tree House, you have gone too far. Turn around, go back, and the Veranda will be on your left, just before the bridge out of Adventureland into the hub. Good Luck! We've never met Prince Eric!

Back to Ariel's Grotto. . . was located at the back of Fantasyland over what used to be the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction. As you entered, there were water sprays and jets for the kids and as the queue continued it was designed to look like you were going. . . under the sea. The queue was such that you couldn't see Ariel until it was your turn. And upon entering her domain, you had to climb up to her rocky perch, as show in the photo above.
Ariel would spend time visiting with you and asking about what do you call them. . . feet!

And, while she wanted to be where the people were, the people eagerly came to see her, under the sea for photos and autographs.

OK, here's a Williams' family secret. Ariel is the husband's favorite princess. Don't ask me why. Maybe he can write about that in another post. Just know that Ariel is referred to as "Daddy's girlfriend" at our house by the boy. That's why in the photo below, it was important for the husband to be next to his "girlfriend."

A Photopass photographer was on hand in Ariel's Grotto to capture the moments. To read more about Disney's Photopass service, click here.
We have met Ariel twice. . . once at her Grotto and another time as one of the princesses at Akershus in Norway in EPCOT for Storybook Dining. Click here to read about dining with the princesses at Akershus.

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