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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

OCCP's Dance

OCCP hosts a dance at Bridge View Center for children in grades K-6 three to four times a year. Each two hour dance typically has a theme and cost of entry if $5 per child. Adults are free. While the kids have a grand time dancing to the music provided by Slade, it takes a bunch of adult volunteers to plan, organize, decorate, and supervise the dances.

We attended Friday night's dance. Photos were taken at the entrance, as seen below, and then given to the attendees as they left.

OCCP is a great organization serving children who want to be involved in theater. To read more about OCCP happenings, click here and here. Or, check out OCCP's web-site. OCCP is getting ready for their next production "Wizard of OZ."

Every few moments, the music stops and the children eagerly await for "their" number to be drawn for a prize. Several numbers are drawn at each prize give away session. Numbers are written on children's hands as they enter the dance. Getting a prize is a big deal!
We also took a time out from the dance to see the Clydesdale's as they paraded by Bridge View Center. Thanks, Becky, for letting us know the horses were coming by. We ran into Grandma Carol in the parking lot.
After the dance, we headed over to The Beach where the Clydesdale's were being housed in their lovely tent. The horses were getting "baths" one by one. The boy wondered why and we responded that it was their bedtime and they get a bath each night, just like he does. We both wondered if the horses got stories, too. :)

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