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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Characters on Main Street, USA

After the initial rush of guests through the tunnel subsides, Disney characters begin to appear on Main Street, USA, at the Magic Kingdom. While we are often the guest rushing through to get the coveted FASTPASS and begin our touring plan, there have been a few times in which we have meandered onto Main Street, USA. Our dawdled pace has brought us great treasures in terms of meeting Disney Characters.

A personal favorite of mine was the time we met Mary Poppins and Bert. Shortly after this photo, Bert went into hiatus, but rumor has it he is out and about again at the Magic Kingdom hanging around the newly named carousel in Fantasyland. It is always a jolly holiday with Mary!

We discovered Daisy just outside the fire station in Town Square. She had just been shopping. . . for new shoes I believe it was.

Chip and Dale can often be found in the middle of Town Square. See all the guest rushing by behind us. That's what I mean. . . and sometimes they miss stuff like this. Sometimes we have missed these opportunities.

A rare day finds Pinocchio and Geppetto on Town Square. Pinocchio explained to the boy the benefits of always telling the truth.

We found Dale just on the other side of the train station at the Magic Kingdom. One way to tell Chip and Dale apart is that Dale has a red nose and Chip has a chocolate "chip" nose. I sure wish Dale would wear more sunscreen. It is Florida after all!

Click here and here to read more about meeting characters in Toontown Hall of Fame.

The Magic Kingdom is just that. . . magical! And, that magic can be lurking around any corner. Are you ready?

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