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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, July 15, 2016

I Had Two Photo Goals For Our Trip--Nailed Them Both!

One a previous post, I wrote about having two photo goals for our most recent trip to the Walt Disney World Resort.

One, was a wave photo.  We had a wave photo taken in the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon during our trip in July of 2014--see photo below--and I wanted another one!  Click here to read more.
July 2014
Luck had it that upon our timely arrival at Typhoon Lagoon, a Photopass Photographer told us that there was a photographer in the wave pool--Kristen or Kristie. We headed off and found her!  We asked her for a wave photo and the waves that were coming in were the giant, 5 foot, crashing kind--just what we wanted.  The photographer positioned us and we listened for the "whoosh" and the squeals as the water rushed in behind us.  She got a great photo and different than the one we had before.

The next photo goal was for a fireworks photo.  Again, it had been since July 2014.  Click here to read more about how we pulled off this feat.
July 2014
We had attempted this shot during our February trip, but alas, a crane was positioned near the Castle, so no fireworks during the Castle Forecourt Stage Show.  This time when we arrived at the Magic Kingdom, there was no crane, an element in our favor, but there was also a different show in front of the Castle.  Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire had just opened the week prior.  I had watched it on-line to determine if there were fireworks--there were.  And, when during the show were there fireworks--in the last 90 seconds.  Okay.  Got it!

Next I needed a Times Guide with the show times listed for the new show.  I grabbed one at the gate.  Then, I planned our touring to coincide with with times as the show is performed multiple times throughout the day.  We were headed to the hub to find a Photopass Photographer, but the Times guide said the show would begin at 1:15 pm and it was several minutes past that and no show.  We hovered near the Ole Christmas Shoppe as we would be able to hear the show.  It started after a few moments.  The 22 minute show gave us some time to find a Photophass Photographer who would be willing to take the photo.

Finding the photographer took some doing!  We found 3 different ones, but only one was willing to give it a try. The show was so new that the photographers were not very familiar with it and felt they wouldn't be able to time it right.  The photographer willing to take the risk had me stand aside while he photographed other families.  I got in his line when I thought it was about right, and sure enough.  He took a few regular shots and then timed his photographs to capture the fireworks.  Yeah!
There was a family waiting next in line to have their photos taken, they realized what we were doing and smiled at our adventure.

I was feeling very grateful that we had nailed the two photo goals for the trip due to great Photopass Photographers.  All of the rest of the photos would be "icing on the cake" so to speak.  Now. . . what might the quest be for the next trip. . .

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