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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Maxi Pads Do Not Stick to Wet Underpants

“It’s good to be a girl.” was what I said to the female Disneyland security guard checking my bag bulging with supplies to get me through a day of park touring.  She laughed and said something about getting older and not needing those supplies anymore.  Oh, from her lips. . .

I’ve wanted to write about “lady’s days” while traveling for a while now as I’ve had my fair share.  And according to the women I’ve met in restrooms the same is true for many.  One gal I bumped into in the restrooms located just inside EPCOT asked me if I had change for the machine.  I didn’t have change but I did have supplies—better yet!  She thanked me and told me about how this “always happens” when they go on vacation.  Yeah, you’re not the only one.

I had done the math. . . April, May, June, and all signs pointed to a supply free July vacation.  But as the days kept creeping by prior to our vacation the husband kept checking.  Nope.  And, there were no early symptoms either.  I was symptom free.  So I filled up the toiletry bag.  And, voila, just after passing through airport security.  I was counting days in my head and was at least grateful that our Saturday trip to Legoland and the water park wouldn’t be affected.  Whew!

We toured Disneyland on our first day in the parks and all was well until we rode Splash Mountain in the afternoon.  We all got soaked on the ride!  The good news was that we were headed back to our resort hotel shortly after and I had packed a limited supply of undies, so I hung the wet ones up in the closet to dry while all of us put on dry clothes to enjoy our evening meal at Goofy’s Kitchen.

The next day we were at California Adventure.  The boy wanted to ride Grizzly River Run, a water raft ride similar to Kali River Rapids.  The husband refused based on his previous experience with Splash Mountain.  So, the boy and I ventured off.  Then the unthinkable happened.  The two of us got a raft of our own.  No other guests.  It was due to a Cast Member counting error.  I was going to get soaked as it was all about weight distribution. 

I was right.  I got soaked through, top to bottom.  At this point I was wondering if my “protection” was soaking up what it needed to be capturing or if it was taking on water from Grizzly River Run.  What an unusual feeling! 

Off to the restroom.  That’s when I discovered that maxi pads do not stick to wet underpants.  Those incredible adhesive strips have their limitations.

In true Disney form, I soldiered on, putting the husband to work to be on the look-out for anything unusual. 


  1. Lol, my husband often has to be on "lookout" as well. Girl problems. :-)