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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Favorite Photopass Photos From Our Disneyland Summer 2015 Vacation

Special photo for the 60th Anniversary Celebration!

It took 15 file downloads to retrieve 570ish Photopass photos taken during our Disneyland vacation.  After paying $69.95 to pre-order Photopass + (it includes dining and attraction photos along with a Photo CD or download of all your photos) and gaining all of those pic, it was a bargain!

Here are some of our favorite Photopass photos:

 An icon photo in front of Sleeping Beauty's Caste--not Cinderella's!  The photographer was great to work with!
 We waited a bit to meet these guys!  Both the husband and the boy were ecstatic!

 The first time we rode Radiator Springs.  It was the first ride on our first day in California Adventure.  This was the only time we used the Stand-by queue for this attraction.  From then on it was Fastpass or Single Rider line.
This is such a good photo of the husband.  He was posing with Lightning McQueen and the boy but the photographer got a close up of just him.  Great pic and another reason we so enjoy Photopass photographers!
 Olaf and I both like warm hugs!  Meeting him was on my "wish list."

 The second time we rode Radiator Springs that day.  Fastpass!
 So I got to meet Olaf, but the husband wanted to meet Oswald.  He was thrilled.  Note:  This whole Disney thing just isn't me!

These two photos were a surprise when I viewed our Photopass photos. . . a pleasant surprise!

 Sully was greeting guests and the boy took the opportunity to dance with him.  The Photopass photographer captured all of it!

 In Carsland, a Photopass photographer agreed to take photos of us at her desired locations.  She took us to Filmore's and captured these photos. 

That same photographer took shots of us walking in Route 66 in Carsland.  

 In the photo above, the photographer asked us to pose like Wreck-It-Ralph, as he was on our shirts.  The boy immediately took that pose with no direction.  He can be so creative! 
A magic photo feature Pete and the boy with a bit of attitude.

Carsland looks and feels different at night.  We were hitchhiking!  Maybe to get to Radiator Springs!

Paradise Pier is a part of California Adventure and includes many attractions.  This is also where World of Color is performed.

 In Toontown, I headed to the restroom and these were the photos that were taken by the Photopass photograher.  It was evident that we came to play!

Cinderella showed me how to pose like a princess!

Park icons, characters, magic shots, and photos for fun were all capture by Photopass photographers and added to our Photopass account.

If it looks like we had more photos taken at California Adventure than Disneyland, it is because that is true.  For various reasons, there were more photographers in California Adventure--or at least we could find more photographers there.  In Disneyland, the Photopass photographers are assigned to more indoor locations such as Mickey and Minnie's House and Royal Faire where Disney Princesses greet guests.

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