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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sounvenirs From Our Summer 2015 Disneyland/Legoland Family Vacation

One difference that we noticed at Disneyland compared to Walt Disney World is that the attractions do not enter into shops.  That aside, shopping was still plentiful, fun, and easy.  Each of the Disneyland Resort Hotels had shops located near the lobby and Downtown Disney had a large World of Disney Store that guests could wander in and out of at their leisure.  We also found shops in various locations in both parks.

Our souvenir haul included Christmas tree ornaments—one from Disneyland commemorating the 60th Anniversary and one from Legoland, a bulb shaped ornament filled with golden Legos complete with golden ribbon.  I had already put these items away, so no photos.

We also brought back some art.  One piece is to commemorate both parks—Disneyland and California Adventure.  We rode both of the attractions featured in the art work.  The other is a bit of memorabilia from our Walt in Walt’s Footsteps Tour.  Frames will be coming via Amazon.

Accessories spoke my name and I brought home scarves with various images of Mickey and other Disney icons.  I also snagged a new purse and wallet.  We had left the World of Disney Store without me purchasing the wallet.  As time passed, I had that “I will regret this” feeling, so I went back and made the purchase.  Won’t any money I have left after this trip look good in this wallet?

The husband bought several new pins and a new lanyard.  He also got a new hat and a Disney luau shirt.  It’s yellow and red and he’s worn it already since we’ve been home!  (I may have to get one that matches!) 

Speaking of matching shirts, we got a new set of matching t-shirts.  Just couldn’t resist ones from Carsland!

The boy got an Avenger playset, new Disney pins, an Anger stuffed toy—from Inside Out, and an Anger t-shirt.  Anger is his favorite character from the movie.  And, he got Legos!  Ironically, most of his Legos came from the Lego store at Downtown Disney rather than the “Big One’ which is what the store is called at Legoland.  He wanted Jurassic World sets and Legoland was sold out.  We knew the Lego Store at Downtown Disney had them so we just waited until we returned.  He did purchase on set of Legos at Legoland.

We saved money!  At Legoland, having a Lego VIP Card saved us 5% on the Lego purchases.  At the Lego Store at Downtown Disney, using the Lego VIP card allowed us to earn points and we got $5 off our purchase.

We also saved 10% on Disney purchases by using our Disney Rewards Visa card.  Any purchase over $50 was subject to the 10% discount using the card.

Package delivery to the front of the park was available at both Disneyland parks.  Guests could also have their purchases delivered to the Disneyland Resort Hotel.  But different than Walt Disney World, packages went to Bell Services rather than the resort shop.


  1. Katie FIsher-WalzJuly 22, 2015 at 1:00 PM

    I'm glad you had a great trip to Disneyland. My husband, Chris, and I are blessed to be able to return to Disney World February 1st, 2016. I already purchased through our travel agent, Shauna, the airlines ticket, and have paid the first sets of payments. I'm definitely counting down for the trip and have already started planning things out for the trip. I had two questions for you: First, where do you get your matching shirts? I of course know that you have them printed up specifically designed for your family. Is there a specific place you go to or company that you order from in-person or on-line? Second, do you have any recommendations for quick-service (lunch) restaurants at Magic Kingdom? We have table-service/signature restaurants assigned for dinner each day. I would appreciate any feedback you might have. I value your advice as truly seasoned, "expert" Disney World travelers.

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming trip! And, we love Shauna!
      Matching shirts--we find them everywhere, including JCPenney in the men's dept and/or JCPenney online. We've also found them at Walgreens. I saw some cute t-shirts in Hy-Vee Drug just yesterday, but I didn't buy them. Disneystore.com is another venue for finding matching shirts and again, in the men's department. Our custom shirts come from zazzle.com. You know that I don't pay full price for any of them--wait for sales, promotions, etc. Zazzle releases promotional codes through Facebook.
      Quick Service at the Magic Kingdom? Well, it depends on where you are when touring at lunchtime. One of our favorites is Columbia Harbor House located just outside Fantasyland and is an easy get to from Frontierland, Liberty Square, or Adventureland. Order your food and head upstairs for a nice respite from the park. Pecos Bills is another favorite (great fixin's bar for burgers) and so is The Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland which has tables overlooking It's A Small World. Good luck!

  2. Thank-you for the advice/tips on Disney dining options for lunch, as well as shirt ideas. I will definitely check out Zazzle and look for sale/discounts to get matching shirts made up for our trip. I enjoy all your posts and keeping up with your Disney blog! Have a great rest of summer, and also have a blessed Wedding Anniversary.