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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, June 29, 2015

Are There Coupons For Disneyland?

“Are there coupons for Disneyland?” was the question that came after inquiring about our summer vacation plans.  An innocent question given my penchant for saving money.  The short answer:  “No.”  The longer answer—there are many ways we have already saved money on our vacation.

AAA--Being a member allowed us to get a great price for our Disneyland package along with perks.  We also earned AAA Explore More Rewards for using AAA’s service to book our trip.

AAA also allows for additional savings while at Legoland, similar to the 10% savings on food and merchandise at Universal Resorts.

Speaking of Legoland, we got a great price—and great savings-- on the resort hotel by purchasing our stay in advance.  Because we are staying at the Legoland Resort, we get early access to the parks and free breakfast at Bricks, the buffet restaurant at the resort.  And, by purchasing our Legoland Park tickets on-line we were able to snag a buy one day get one day free deal.  We are also have a Lego VIP card which will allow for us to earn points on any Lego purchases and then redeem those points for free merchandise.

Food can be a big expense during a vacation.  We are saving money buy purchasing character dining vouchers as a part of our vacation package (and earning rewards).  These vouchers include tip and gratuity which is big savings.  Our Disney Rewards Visa also allows us to have 10% savings at select Disneyland dining locations.  We also used our Target Red Debit Card to purchase Disney Gift Cards.  A $50 Disney Gift Card costs $47.50 when I use our Target Red Card.  We’ve been stocking up on Disney Gift Cards since January—2 per month—and will be using those to pay for out of pocket meals.  We’ll also have $25 towards a meal at Rainforest Café due to Landry’s Select Club annual gift to members.

Because I pre-ordered Disney Photopass +  product, I saved $30 over purchasing the product once we arrived at the Disneyland Resort.  Click here to read more.

By making purchases ahead of time, I also saved money on trading pins--click here to read more, and Lego minifugres for trading--click here to read more.
The Disney Rewards Visa also allows us to earn reward points that can be spent on Disney products or services.  We also got a 20% discount on the Walt in Walt’s Footsteps Tour that we booked for our Disneyland vacation. 

While we used the Visa to pay off our trip and if we hadn’t then paid the balance in full, zero percent interest for 6 months would have been ours for using the Visa to pay for a Disney vacation.  But we earned reward points for the entire amount!  So, yes, we booked the vacation through AAA and earned Explore More Rewards, then paid using our Disney Rewards Visa and earned rewards!  Loyalty does pay!

A Disney vacation can be an investment in both time and money.  We’ve found the investment to be worth it.  And, we have found that savings can be had!

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