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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, June 26, 2015

Disney Has Pin Trading--Legoland Has Minifigure Trading

When planning our visit to the Legoland California Resort, we discovered that trading Lego minifigures is part of the fun.  Bringing a Lego minifigure to trade is listed as the number one tip of the 5 top tips for enjoying your visit to Legoland.

Having traded pins at Walt Disney World and on the Disney ships, the boy wanted to get into the minifigure trading action.  Enter mom and Amazon.

The other day I saw sets of 20 minifigures on Amazon for less than $7.  This was such a great deal, I ordered two sets.  And, got them for FREE using my Swagbucks Amazon gift cards (click here to get started earning with Swagbucks). 

While the price was certainly right, the shipping may have been an issue.  An order placed on June 9 had a delivery date of July 22—which would have been after we returned from our vacation.  Not wanting to disappoint the boy, he had no idea the minifigures had been ordered.  To my delight and the boy’s, the package arrived yesterday. 

He set to work building minifigures and has a pencil case designated for the ones he is taking to trade. 


  1. Not to burst your bubble but those are fakes from China, real minifigures do not come packaged like that. I personally wouldn't encourage trading fake figures at the park because that just cheats another kid who traded a real figure. We received a fake figure at the park and you can just tell the quality is not there, eg legs not staying on properly.

  2. I agree...trading fakes seems like stealing.

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