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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, June 22, 2015

Capturing Photos During Our Summer 2015 Disneyland/Legoland Vacation

Souvenirs?  Maybe.  Photos?  Always! 

For us, it’s all about the photos, especially during a vacation.  And, our upcoming Disneyland/Legoland Summer 2015 vacation is no different.  It’s all about the photos. 

While traveling to Walt Disney World, we have taken advantage of various renditions of Photopass—purchasing (usually pre-purchasing) a CD of all of our Photopass photos, then Photopass + which included ride and dining photos along with all in-park photos taken by Photopass photographers, and then, the most recent version—Memory Maker, which now includes ride videos in addition to ride photos!

At Disneyland, guests can pre-purchase the Photopass photo CD or purchase it after their vacation, but Photopass + is also available for pre-purchase!

Since planning a Disneyland vacation is new for us, I wasn’t sure which Photopass options were available at their parks.  Playing around on the Disneyland website, I notice links to Photopass when looking at various dining options.  Hmmm. . . that led me to believe that Photopass+ was available.  And, I found it once on the Photopass website, but could not get it show up in my “cart.”

Finally, I had to call Photopass.  They helped me find the Photopass + product for Disneyland under the “HELP” section of their website.  I’m guessing that this is so guests traveling to Walt Disney World don’t get confused as the product is no longer available for Walt Disney World.  I was able to pre-purchase Photopass + for Disneyland for $69.95 and had to guarantee that we were more than 14 days from our Disneyland vacation.  If I waited until I arrived at Disneyland, the price would have been $99.95.

Why at least 14 days ahead of my vacation?  When pre-ordering Photopass +, a voucher is mailed that is then taken to a Photopass location in either park to redeem for a special Photopass+ card that is “active” for two weeks.  Showing this special card allows for ride photos and dining photos to be added to our Photopass account.  Another voucher for a free Photopass CD is inside the case and I will use that when I get home.

So, what’s included in Photopass + for Disneyland?  All of our Photopass photos taken by Photopass photographers in both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, attraction photos at California Screamin’, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Radiator Springs Racers, and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and dining photos at Goofy’s Kitchen, Ariel’s Grotto, Disney’s PCH Grill, and Plaza Inn.  By the way, we will be dining at all of those locations.

Historically, any type of pre-ordering or pre-purchasing of a Photopass product, including Memory Maker, has been an outstanding deal for us.  Given that Photopass + allows for two weeks of photos will give us plenty of time to capture our memories in both parks.

But what about Legoland?  I was very curious to see if there was a photo product at Legoland.  (Last summer we discovered PhotoConnect at Universal parks.)  The website gave no indication so I made a phone call.  After being transferred three times, I was able to talk to someone at Kodak that told me that there are in park photo purchase options that can only be made at the Legoland park and include both digital and print options.  The price varies as there are “specials of the day” but typically an all digital package is around $45.  I then asked about multiple day options and was told that for an additional $20 another day can be added to the digital package.  I’m ready to investigate further and have this on our list the first day we are at Legoland.

Why photos?  For us, photos capture memories and never go out of style.  I’ve seen people agonize over photo purchases (as when traveling with Disney the prices can be alarming) but not agonize over purchasing some other type of souvenir.  Have you ever seen photos in a garage sale?  Nope.  We don’t ever outgrow photos.

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