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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NOW He Wants To Add Coffee?!?

Do you see the Mountain Dew?

The husband informed me the other day that he wants to make coffee in our Disneyland hotel rooms prior to going to the parks.  Why?  Here’s the back story. . .

Mother’s Day week-end I drank my last soda and had my last caffeine.  Reasons being health benefits and the fact that we were out of Diet Coke (my soda of choice) and I didn’t want to buy any more.  Made for a great time to give it up.  I don’t like milk and juices have too much sugar so other than a Powerade Zero once in a while, I’m drinking water or other sugar-free drinks made with water.

Then, on June 1, the husband had his last soda—Mountain Dew was his soda of choice.  A random blood glucose test revealed that his blood sugar was too high, so he said good-bye to Mountain Dew.  But not to caffeine.  He makes tea at home and gets coffees when we are out and about. 

He suggested that we get a coffee maker at home.  Okay, but I know nothing about making coffee so I suggested right back to him that he do some research and find out what type of coffee maker would be best.

His comeback a few hours later was that there would be a coffee maker in our Disneyland hotel rooms.  Yep.  He got excited about the possibility of making coffee in the mornings to drink before heading to the parks.  In an attempt to dampen his excitement, I threw out other barriers—there would be no creamer.  “We can pick some up on our way to the hotel,” was his reply.  Hmmm. . . he had done some thinking about this.  I had to bring out the big guns. 

“It already takes you longer to get ready to go to the parks in the morning than the rest of us, so will making coffee slow you down or speed you up?”  Ah ha.  He was stumped and heartily agreed.  The experiment will commence.  I just have this feeling that somehow I will be involved in making coffee in the mornings.  Arg!


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