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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Planning Some "Non-Disney" Activities For Summer 2014

The Simpson Ride was being completed at Universal Studios the last time we were there.
Yes, we are anticipating a visit to Universal Orlando as a part of our upcoming vacation.  As of right now, the plan is to fly into Orlando two days prior to sailing on the Disney Fantasy, and take a day trip to Universal Orlando while staying at the Hyatt at Orlando International.

And, we have to Universal Orlando previously--click here to read more.  We talked about returning in five years, but instead, it will have been six years.

The plan includes visiting both parks--Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure--in the same day.  The guys have most of the day planned, including our first stop, which is the Simpson's ride.  They also want to eat at the restaurant/bar near the Simpson's ride.

We are also anticipating a cab ride to/from the hotel to Universal Orlando.  That, too, will be an adventure.

Many families combine visits to both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando when traveling to Orlando, though I would have to say that most families set foot in the Magic Kingdom and say they have been to Walt Disney World--but that is for another post.  We, do not typically combine a Disney vacation with a non-Disney vacation, but we had the time and we were going to "be there anyway" so why not?

It isn't that we don't enjoy Universal Orlando, we do.  It is just that we enjoy the immersive experiences at Walt Disney world more.

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