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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Power Rangers Meet and Greet Ends August 7, 2010 At Disney's Hollywood Studios

Just this past week Disney sold its rights to the Power Rangers back to their original creator. So the Power Rangers meet and greet on the Streets of America at Disney's Hollywood Studios is scheduled to come to an end on August 7, 2010.
We have met and greeted the Power Rangers on almost every visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, so it will be a bit unusual not hearing the roar of their car or their names announced as they bound from the car to their designated "greeting" spots.

The changes causes us to ask if there will be another character meet and greet on the Streets of America in Studios. The Disney rumor mill is speculating that Phineas and Ferb might be the hosts of a new character meet and greet. Phineas and Ferb can already be found in Disneyland, but not yet at the World.

The husband wondered if Marvel characters would be added to the line-up after the purchase of Marvel by Disney earlier this year. Since the Marvel characters are readily available at Universal, we aren't sure if this would work, but the Marvel character, too, would be at home on the Streets of America.

So, we say good-bye to our blue, pink, yellow, red, and green friends--the Power Rangers. We are glad we got to meet them.

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