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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, May 15, 2010

United Kingdom Pavilion at EPCOT

During our last visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, we discovered more about the United Kingdom Pavilion at EPCOT. Don't get me wrong, we have strolled by here numerous times and have even taken in the World Showcase Player's audience participation skit and took photos of each other in the red telephone booth next to the Rose & Crown, it's just that we haven't explored much more than that. So after taking the boat from Studios to the International Gateway on the last day of our trip, we made a stop at the United Kingdom Pavilion. It is after all, just next to the International Gateway!

Much to our delight, Mary Poppins was hand for photos and an autograph in front of the Twinings Tea Car. It is always a jolly holiday with Mary!
And, just in time. . . not late at all, appeared Alice for photos and an autograph. She wished everyone a happy unbirthday!
Next, we ventured inside. OK, the United Kingdom is the "birthplace" for the Winnie the Pooh characters, Thomas the Train, and many others.

The boy discovered the train table! We were going to be there a while, so the husband decided to don hats (more like crowns) and paraphernalia in the store for a royal photo. See photo below.

As we made our way deeper into the store/pavilion, we discovered that Tigger and Pooh were in residence for photos and autographs. Tigger was totally terrific and Pooh was. . . hungry, for honey, of course!

Upon exiting the character meet and greet we found ourselves in a beautiful garden with a labyrinth. The husband and boy made their way through the maze.
Photopass photographers were on hand for the Pooh characters and Alice. Click here to read about Disney's Photopass service.
We were pleasantly surprised with the United Kingdom Pavilion and are considering an ADR at the Rose & Crown for our next visit which is in 181 days! But who's counting?? The 180 day window for dining reservations opens tomorrow. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow?

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