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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Looking Forward To Gold Castaway Club Level Benefits

Our Welcome Back Stateroom Gift
One of the many things we are looking forward to on our next Disney cruise are the benefits of being Gold Castaway Club Members. Once a guest has sailed with Disney, they are are automatically Castaway Club Members.  Return cruises sailing on their 2nd through 5th cruise are considered Silver Level Castaway Club Members.  Gold level is for cruisers sailing on their 6th through 11th sailings and Platinum Level is for guest sailing for the 12th time or more.

Here's the chart of benefits based on Castaway Club Level:

Silver LevelGold LevelPlatinum Level
Access to website and update emailsdisneycruise.com/castawayclubXXX
Early Booking for shore excursions, Palo and the Spa90 days before sailing105 days before sailing120 days before sailing
Members-only toll free number for booking your next Disney CruiseXXX
Early booking opportunities for newest itinerariesXX
Members-only line for boarding processXXX
Welcome back stateroom giftXXX
Savings on future cruisesXXX
Castaway Club reception with the ship's crewXX
Special shopping opportunitiesXX
Concierge priority boarding check-inX
Special surprises just for Platinum membersX
Complimentary dinner at PaloX

As Gold Level Members we will receive an invitation to the Castaway Club reception while on-board, typically held on an "at sea" day.

Ironically, we have been to this reception before, on our second sailing, as it was prior to the Castaway Club Levels and any return cruiser was invited to the reception.

Disney Cruise Line has the highest return cruiser rate in the industry, therefore it most likely became necessary to tier the benefits for return guests.

I am curious about the "special shopping opportunities" and are hopeful it includes discounts!

Guests are given a lanyard at check-in at the port representing the color of their Castaway Club level--Silver members have Silver lanyards, Gold members have Gold lanyards, Platinum members have a black/gray lanyard, and first time cruisers get a navy/red lanyard.  We have quite a collection of silver lanyards, but will be starting our gold collection.

Rumors on the web, also indicate that the "Welcome Back Stateroom Gift" now includes a tote bag with metallic stripes that coincide with Castaway Club Level.  I could definitely find use for a Disney Cruise Line tote bag with gold stripes!

The husband jokes that he can't wait to earn the "Diamond Encrusted" Castaway Club Level lanyard!

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