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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, January 20, 2014

We Customized Our MagicBands For Upcoming Trip To Walt Disney World

Even though we are more than six months away from our next Walt Disney World Resort vacation, I was able to log into the on-line My Disney Experience to find our reservation.  This also allowed me to customize our MagicBands!

The use of MagicBands is something we are looking forward to for our next vacation.  The husband wants to decorate his with "Bandits"--get it?.  The boy wants to get his MagicBand home and place it on his Disney Infinity base as it is supposed to unlock new powers for the Disney Infinity characters.  And, I just want to have everything I need in a stylish bracelet--room key, park tickets, Memory Maker--click here to read more, and Dining Plan credits.

Since we are staying on-site at the Walt Disney World Resort, our customized bands will be colors of our choosing.  If you don't select a color, Disney will do it for you.  And, if you wait until you arrive at your resort to get your MagicBands, you will will receive the default color--gray--with no personalization.

I picked yellow, the husband red, and the boy blue.  Oh, and our names will also be on the MagicBands as a part of the customization.  The husband said, "What, we aren't going to match?" with a serious tone.  I'm thinking it may be difficult for me to take the MagicBand off once we get home!

The page on the My Disney Experience website that hosts the customization, reminds guests to pack their MagicBands in their carry-on luggage so that the bands are accessible upon check in at their resort.

Now, all I need is a watch--waterproof--built in to the MagicBand and we will be all set!

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